El Paso Hero’s Shock Trump Decision – Media Furious

One of the survivors of the El Paso shooting — someone many are calling a ‘hero’ — just made a shocking decision about President Trump. The mainstream media is furious.

Jimmy Villatoro, who reportedly rushed to the horrifying scene at the El Paso Walmart while the shooter was still active to help with the rescue effort, gave a first-hand account of Trump’s personal visit later on.

“One of the children went up to hug him so he got down on one knee to let him. It was a different side of him, one that you don’t see in public,” said Villatoro.

He continued: “We met him face to face, and he and Melania were amazing, checking we were okay, offering any kind of help, if we needed someone to talk to. We told him that Democrats, Republicans, we were all united in this city.”

You can imagine that this particular story has not been widely reported or discussed by the mainstream media. According to the likes of CNN and MSNBC, Trump is just cold-hearted and self-absorbed… oh, and racist, of course.

But when people meet Trump in person, it becomes immediately clear that he’s nothing like what Democrats and their media allies claim. He loves all Americans and continues to show his compassion.

Read the full story here.

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