BREAKING: Donald Trump ATTACKED – Shooter Update Stuns Nation…

Al Sharpton knows who he’s going to blame for the mass murderer recently arrested in Buffalo, New York:

Donald Trump.

Try not to roll your eyes too hard that they fall out of your face.

That’s right. Donald Trump, who isn’t actually racist, mainstreamed the racist “hatred” that caused this New York nutjob to act, according to Sharpton.

Nevermind the fact that Democrats don’t have any video or audio evidence that Donald Trump is a racist, they’re simply going to keep doing it anyway. They’re in too deep at this point.

Calling Trump a racist doesn’t get you questioned, it gets you a promotion in the liberal party.

Just ask Karine Jean-Pierre.

She’s literally built a career off calling Trump and Fox News racist, and almost nothing else.

The things that they do call Donald racist about are simply not true or such ridiculous stretches that anyone with any common sense can see right through him.

His biggest offense? Probably referring to some African nations as “shithole countries.”

He wasn’t referring to skin color, he was referring to crime rate and the economy.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, around 90% of the population lives on under five American dollars per day.

Very, very, very few Americans would consider that an acceptable standard of living.

Including liberals.

Donald Trump isn’t racist. Liberals are just hypocrites.

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