BREAKING: Dr. Fauci ATTACKS Rand Paul – Congress Shocked…

Tony Fauci, Biden’s right hand man in getting America to comply, has shocked the world by accusing Senator Rand Paul of being the man behind death threats Fauci has apparently received.

The news is particularly shocking, because of all Senators to be accused of being responsible for death threats, Rand Paul would be among the ones you’d least expect.

That’s because Rand Paul understands how serious death threats are because he’s an actual survivor of an assassination attempt.

Fauci is presumably talking about simple criticism from Paul, as there are zero bits of evidence on record that suggest Rand Paul has either personally threatened Fauci or intentionally incited violence against Fauci.

Tony’s upset he’s getting called out for destroying America. This is nothing more, nothing less. If you can’t stand the heat, Tony, get out of the kitchen. Or the Wuhan lab.

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