BREAKING: Donald Trump Releases Statement About Breakup [Developing]

Donald Trump appeared on Fox on Tuesday, a visit during which he unsurprisingly created shockwaves that continue to reverberate through the political landscape.

During “Mornings with Maria,” Trump declared “Germany would ‘break up NATO’ due to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.”

He went on to say that “Germany wants no part” of the deal because it was a “hostage” to Russia.

“Well, I really tried to convince her not to do the pipeline deal because I said that Germany would be absolutely a hostage. And that is what it is — a hostage of Russia, and you know, they’ve had a lot of conflicts over the hundreds of years. They’ve been fighting pretty strongly together on numerous occasions, and you become a hostage to this pipeline. And I said, ‘I can’t believe you are doing it.’ I actually jokingly gave her a white flag early on. I said, ‘Here’s a white flag.’ She said, ‘What’s that for?’ I said, ‘That’s surrender because you surrender to Russia immediately when this deal is done.’ And she went forward.”

“I was surprised when she closed down nuclear plants, she closed down a lot of coal plants that had been producing very, very low-cost energy, and now they’re going to be paying a tremendous price,” Trump concluded. “So, it’s an incredible deal from the standpoint of national security for Germany. I don’t know why they would have done that. It doesn’t make sense. And now look at what happened, much sooner than I would have thought, but now look at what happened. And frankly, Germany is going to break up NATO because Germany wants no part of this deal. You saw that yesterday.”

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