BREAKING: Donald Trump Delivers Urgent Warning To Voters – It’s Already Happening…

“Radicals are seizing power and destroying everything we hold dear as Americans, and it’s happening. And I said it was going to happen.”

Donald Trump did not hold back while speaking in Arizona at Turning Point Action recently.

“What’s happening to our country has sadly happened to many others. We are at the beginning of a communist system.”

Strong words from Donald, but he didn’t stop there. He detailed some of the ways liberals are breaking down American values in order to usher in communism, such as dismantling the rule of law, censoring speech, controlling the press, and imprisoning political opponents.

And don’t forget the big one:

“Of course they hold phony elections!”

To see the rest of what Trump said in Arizona at Turning Point Action, click here.

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12 Responses

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  5. Only the weak minded !will follow this stupid stuff! Know body in their right mind !WILL ! There is no way anybody would want to like be communist. That’s so stupid !

    1. Unfortunately the sheeple will believe anything and will howl the loudest when the $hit hits the fan.

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