BREAKING: Donald Trump Center Of Media CRISIS – He Was Right All Along

Donald said it, but for some reason much of America didn’t believe him. Now, it’s the United States media that’s eating crow.

No Donald Trump in the news cycle has meant that establishment news sites and television ratings are crashing. Turns out, as Breitbart puts it, “multinational corporate control of America’s news is rejected by the very audiences it seeks to engage.”

2021 year-end figures have NOT been kind to the gatekeepers of America’s information. In 2021, weekday prime-time viewership dropped 38 percent at CNN and 25 percent at MSNBC.

Even Fox News wasn’t immune to the decline, falling 34 percent.

Despite people being encouraged to stay at home, and entities like Google and Facebook steering people toward the establishment media channels, Americans just didn’t want to watch.

The reason why is simple, we don’t trust them.

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