Donald Trump Tragedy – Reports Pouring In…

Since before he was even inaugurated, President Trump has dealt with lies and slander against him  — and now a painful tragedy has been revealed.

Trump’s innocence has never been in question, however, the Mueller investigation took a heartbreaking toll on the president. “This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency,” Trump said during the witch-hunt.

This is according to the Mueller report that Attorney General William Barr released, which documents Trump’s private concerns. More than anything, he was worried about how the investigation would hurt America.

“The President told Comey that the ‘cloud’ of ‘this Russia business’ was making it difficult to run the country,” said the report, revealing a distraught president trying to reason with his FBI director.

He understandably lamented “that foreign leaders had expressed sympathy to him … and that the perception he was under investigation was hurting his ability to address foreign relations issues.”

As we soon found out, of course, Comey was no help whatsoever and stabbed Trump in the back, even after the president confided in him and asked for help.

Read the full story here.

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