Breaking: Donald Trump sends shock message to Vladimir Putin

After 8 years of pushing Obama around, Vladimir Putin got used to being the bully in the room. Those days are over.

After Putin bragged about Russia’s nuclear arsenal in a recent speech, he received a phone call from President Trump. Trump’s message? “If you want to have an arms race we can do that, but I’ll win.”

America’s economy, armaments, and population have long outstripped Russia’s. In fact, Russia’s only real advantage in recent years has been aggressive leadership. Now, we have a president who isn’t afraid to show petty dictators of all stripes who’s boss. The last time that happened, Ronald Reagan stared down the evil empire and the Berlin Wall came down. We can expect a similar golden age of American power if Trump keeps this up. (Read More…)

Actor Jim Carrey posts gory image of Trump sons

Jim Carrey has been an absolute mess lately, which is to say he’s acting like a typical Hollywood past-his-prime trainwreck. He’s been dogged by abuse allegations relating to his now-deceased girlfriend, as well as the odd assortment of lawsuits and bizarre public appearances.

Carrey has been active on Twitter lately with his artworks, which are actually just scribblings. In his latest “masterpiece,” Eric and Donald Trump Jr. are depicted as impaled on the tusks of a poorly drawn elephant. It’s a symptom of Carrey’s sick mind, as well as the sinking level of decency on the Left. The scary thing is how many leftists think this sort of thing is OK. (Read More…) 

Hulu joins list of advertisers dropping Laura Ingraham over David Hogg tweet

We talked about this story yesterday, and it’s escalated since then. I’m becoming more and more convinced that this controversy represents a fundamental divide in American politics.

Conservatives believe in debating the issues. It isn’t always dispassionate, and sometimes it gets heated. But it’s a debate. Liberals, on the other hand, believe in silencing their opponents. They want to smother any beliefs that they don’t agree with, and they want to exile those who hold “incorrect” beliefs.

David Hogg didn’t go after Laura Ingraham’s arguments. He went after her job. And the mainstream media is applauding him for doing so. That’s scary. (Read More…)

Bill O’Reilly’s ‘No Spin News’ to be broadcast on Newsmax TV

O’Reilly is getting a second chance on cable TV. Newsmax TV, a small player in the cable world, is looking to make a big impact by featuring the former “King of Cable News” in a half-hour broadcast show.

It’s not clear whether O’Reilly’s show will be a regular, long-term feature, or just a couple of episodes. One thing’s for certain: he was a huge player on TV before, and he has the talent to do it again. Whether he has the desire, and whether Newsmax TV is the right vehicle for him, remains to be seen. (Read More…) 

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