BREAKING: Donald Trump Restoration Strategy Revealed – America Stunned…

A lot of Americans really, really love Donald Trump.

While trying to tear down conservative voters on December 30, MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan may have only ended up strengthening them.

“Twenty-one million Americans are open to using force to restore the presidency to Donald Trump,” he cried as if the end of the world were coming.

Mehdi was trying to paint conservatives as dangerous, but he just ended up sounding like a maniac himself. Twenty-one million Americans are OPEN to restoring the presidency to Trump. That means they have questions about the election, and believe that if Trump was the correct winner than we should stop at nothing to right an atrocious wrong.

All Mehdi did was highlight how many supporters Trump still has out there, despite the fact that he has taken a huge step back from the spotlight. If this is how much Trump is surging based on Biden’s failure’s alone, imagine what will happen to Donald’s support once he starts playing some offense.

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