Donald Trump Pardon News… Get Ready

Major pardon news just dropped, and President Trump is prepared. The American people need to get ready for the fireworks.

Sen. Jon Ernst (R-IA) has urged Trump to “be very careful” and “scrutinize … each case individually” when it comes to pardoning U.S. servicemembers for alleged war crimes.

Ernst delivered her remarks during an interview on CNN with Dana Bash, likely because she knew the Fox News crowd (rightly) wouldn’t tolerate it.

She said that “if it’s warranted, grant a pardon,” but in the case in which “someone has committed a war crime, then a sentence should be served.”

One service member Trump is considering is Navy SEAL Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, a veteran of the Iraq War, who, among other things, was charged with killing an enemy captive with a knife.

Where was Ernst when Obama was going easy on actual traitors such as Chelsea Manning and Bowe Bergdahl? Trump is simply reviewing the possibility of pardoning American heroes who made mistakes.

Read the full story here.

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