Donald Trump Health Tragedy – Doctor Confirms…

A doctor just confirmed it. Americans need to know about this health tragedy concerning President Donald Trump.

Dr. Gabor Maté, a physician by trade, has delved into the psychology of Russiagate by noting that even though Mueller’s investigation found no smoking gun, many wanted President Trump to fail anyway.

“What’s interesting is that in the aftermath of the Mueller thunderbolt of no proof of collusion, there were articles about how people are disappointed about this finding,” Dr. Maté said in an interview.

This is due to the psychological investment people — especially anti-Trump liberals — had in the outcome of the Mueller witch-hunt. It doesn’t satisfy their bloodlust.

“They actually wanted the truth to look a certain way,” said Maté. This stems from their desire to feed “their own emotional needs and not just with the concern for reality.”

Maté continued: “I observed this whole Russiagate phenomenon from the beginning, it really seemed to me that there was a lot of emotionality in it that had little to do with the actual facts of the case.”

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