BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes Bombshell Announcement

When you think about it, it’s incredible that President Trump is doing as well as he is when everyone is out to get him. Let’s list them: Democrats, establishment Republicans, virtually the entire media establishment, Hollywood elites etc. Bottom line, he’s still getting things done.

Not only has he been successful, but now he’s got unprecedented approval ratings to go with it. A new Rasmussen poll has Trump’s approval rating at 50%.

With the entire world against him, he manages to get approval ratings that even former President Obama, with his fawning media and elite support, couldn’t manage to get at this point in his tenure. That’s truly incredible.  (Read More…)

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel mocks Melania Trump’s accent

They just never learn, do they? Jimmy Kimmel feels the need to take his “comedy” show into political territory every single night. Instead of entertaining his viewers, he has to attack his Trump and Republicans.

Two nights ago, he decided to make fun of Melania Trump’s accent while she read to children at the White House’s Easter celebration. No matter what she does, the left attacks her, and this time for being an immigrant with an accent. I’d point out the irony, but I’m too disgusted to care. (Read More…)

Putin announces defeat of Islamic State in Syria

It looks like Putin, like American liberals, is trying to take credit for some of President Trump’s successes. He just announced that ISIS has been defeated in Syria, but there’s a critical detail he needs to recognize.

American ordinance and military forces put a serious hurting on ISIS in Syria and around the Middle East. It’s true that ISIS has been all but entirely decimated in Syria, and I’m glad for it.

But Putin trying to take credit for the victory isn’t going to pass muster. (Read More…)

Trump says military will secure US-Mexico border until wall is built

Many Trump fans have been a bit disappointed in the lack of a border wall, but he’s only been in office a little over a year. He’s been pretty busy with some other major accomplishments. But he’s not finished.

While the wall prototypes are being constructed and planning is being done, Trump has another idea for the border. He’s deploying American National Guard troops to keep the border safe and monitored until the wall is ready.

Now that’s how you secure a border. (Read More…)

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