BREAKING: Donald Trump Reveals Putin’s Secret – Fans Cheering…

Former President Trump has been quite critical of the job that Joe Biden’s been doing as president, especially when it comes to comparing how much better of a job Trump did in office than Sleepy Joe is currently struggling through.

Trump is also fond of talking up his days as president, often reminding America that things seemed to run much smoother during his presidency.

On February 23, he took it a step further though, revealing something that is quite frankly a bombshell.

According to Trump, if it wasn’t for him, this war between Russia and Ukraine would have happened years ago, and Trump is the only reason the world remained safe for as long as it did.

Since Putin has started making moves toward Ukraine, Trump has been on a furious media tour, reminding America that “I knew that he always wanted Ukraine, I used to talk to him about it.”

“I said, ‘You can’t do it. You’re not gonna do it,'” Trump claimed during a radio interview. “But I could see that he wanted it. I used to ask him. We used to talk about it at length.”

Trump concluded the interview by asserting one more time that had the 2020 election not been stolen from him, the world wouldn’t be in the messy situation it is now.

“Had I been in office, not even thinkable. This would never have happened.”

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