Donald J. Trump VINDICATED – Evidence Released…

President Trump has been vindicated. Evidence was just released by the Department of Justice (DOJ) that exonerates the president, and now Democrats are in a state of panic.

It was originally alleged that Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president may have been a campaign finance violation, however, a DOJ official confirmed that federal prosecutors reviewed the call’s transcript and determined no violation occurred.

It could have been a violation of the law “if the president was soliciting a campaign contribution from a foreign government by asking the Ukraine leader to investigate a political opponent,” according to a report from TIME.

However, now that the DOJ has cleared Trump of asking a foreign leader to help take down former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democrats are left with even less material for their farcical impeachment push.

Additionally, with the White House refusing to participate in Speaker Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry — given its unlawful, unconstitutional nature — one has to wonder whether she will just throw in the towel.

It is important to remember that Pelosi originally didn’t want to open Pandora’s box, however, under pressure from the far-left flank of her party, she caved. Now her entire party has been embarrassed by this charade.

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