Don Jr. Confirms 2020 Rumors… Media Shocked

Donald Trump Jr. explained to Jesse Watters on ‘Watters World’ why his father President Trump has such widespread appeal – and why rumors of a groundswell of 2020 support are true.

The crux of it? Donald Trump heard what mattered, and he did what mattered.

Trump’s keeping of promises and his traits of loyalty and honesty have proven to mean a lot to Americans.

Watters added that “the more [the media] attack the president, the stronger the bond is between his supporters and him.”

“[The media] don’t get it and they never will, because they don’t understand those Americans and their plight,” said Don Jr.

The American people respond to promises kept, and if Don Jr. is right, they have plenty of enthusiasm for the 2020 reelection campaign.

Watch the full video here.

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