Disturbing Matt Lauer Video Found

Few would have expected Matt Lauer would join the ranks of the disgraced Hollywood, Washington, and New York elites that we’re learning so much about these days.

Not only did he make that list, he’s probably one of the worst offenders on it. A recent video resurfaced of Lauer whispering in co-host Meredith Vieira’s ear “keep bending over like that, it’s a nice view.”

On top of this video, we’ve learned over the last few days that Lauer engaged in multiple incidents of harassment and assault. He even had a door-lock mechanism in his office to prevent people from leaving after they entered.

That these people are being exposed for the creeps they are is a positive development, but this year’s news cycle has been genuinely sickening. (Read More…)

Maxine Waters faces a new challenger for her House seat

Move over, Maxine, there’s a serious contender in town. Rep. Maxine Waters, entered Congress nearly 30 years ago, and she’s represented the 43rd District in California ever since. That could change very soon, thankfully. Waters is known for using cheap political tactics, like this September at a conference where she told her audience to ‘play the race card.’ She’ll have a tough go of it in her next political contest though.

Her challenger, Omar Navarro, a Latino Republican from California, thinks he can beat Waters. He’s garnered a lot of attention, and some important donors. Navarro could be poised to win with the right endorsements, like Larry Elder and Herman Cain. Let’s hope he knocks her out of her seat. We’ve all heard enough out of Waters lately. (Read More…)

Fox News refuses to air this anti-Trump video

‘Not One Penny’ is a progressive ad campaign that’s taken aim at tax reform efforts. The campaign made an anti-Trump, anti-tax reform video — a video that Fox News refused to air.

Fox News has decided that the advertisement violates its policy against political impersonators, and they’re being consistent. They previously turned down an ad featuring a Hillary impersonator.

Luckily, Fox News viewers won’t have to be subjected to this progressive propaganda. The advertisement accuses the President of endorsing a tax plan that benefits only the rich, himself chief among them. Trump wagered his entire empire on his presidential run, going up against the nation’s liberal elite. That he’s concerned merely with personal gain is clearly untrue. The left can’t, or won’t accept that. (Read More…)

Trump White House tells CNN: Thank you for boycotting our Christmas party

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is just a gem, isn’t she? She consistently takes the mainstream media to task in her role as White House Press  Secretary, and as a result, the left can’t stand her. Happily, she doesn’t seem to care about them.

CNN issued a statement that its employees wouldn’t be attending the annual White House Christmas party, an event held specifically for the media to attend. The network is apparently upset that Trump calls them what they are: “fake news.”

I doubt they’ll be missed at the party, but it’s unfortunate for the everyday employees at CNN. They can’t control what their bosses require, and they probably want to attend. Sorry guys, I hope you can find better employers for next year’s party!  (Read More…)

Iranian general warns that missiles could strike Europe

Iran is really pushing it lately. Former President Obama made a ridiculously bad deal with the terrorist-sponsoring nation before exiting the White House, and yet they continue their provocations. French officials recently called for an “uncompromising” dialogue with Iran. A senior member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard responded by noting that the range of Iranian missiles could be increased to hit Europe, if necessary.

A few things here. First, we learned that the French talk tougher than Obama. That’s just hilarious. Second, are the Iranians just asking to get their sanctions back? If so, we have a new commander-in-chief who would be happy to oblige! (Read More…)

John McCain says Donald Trump lacks any ‘principles and beliefs’

How is McCain still in Congress? He’s a good person, and he’s sacrificed for our country, that much can’t be ignored. But his time in Congress should end now.

Sen. McCain decided to bash President Trump by saying that he’s unprincipled. He went on to brag that he is a “loyal Republican.”

Let’s set aside the idea that the man who grenaded the GOP Obamacare reform effort is a “loyal Republican” in any sense of the phrase. What use are McCain’s principles if they consistently lead us in the wrong direction? Being a loyal Republican is great, so long as Republicans are actually doing what the country needs them to do. Trump was elected because Republicans (in addition to Democrats) were failing us. Get over yourself, Senator, we have. (Read More…)

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