Disaster Strikes Pelosi – She’s In Big Trouble

Nancy Pelosi is now Speaker of the House – a title that she won narrowly after repeated rebellions by disaffected Democrats. But she’s already facing a disastrous situation with her own members.

Incoming House freshmen like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ro Khanna are already leading rebellions against Pelosi’s rules, and the more extreme members are pushing for Trump’s impeachment – a scenario that Pelosi rightly dreads.

A Washington Times piece put it this way:

If President Trump is afraid of the headache new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is about to give him, he should say the first prayer of his life and thank God it’s her, not him, who has to deal with the incoming House Democrat freshmen.

…When the new Democrats start making demands that go unaddressed for weeks, then months, or even a year, what then?

Seemingly in anticipation of that, Pelosi’s new rules nixed an old rule that allowed any member at all to force a vote on ousting her from power. That’s not something you do when you’re confident that you don’t have to.

Democrats are in control of the House. But their party is showing signs of being in chaos. And the fight for the Democratic 2020 nomination hasn’t even started.

It’s hard to feel sorry for Pelosi – she deserves every bit of trouble that comes her way. But beware the chaos that will follow her inevitable downfall. If you think Pelosi’s bad, wait until you see Speaker Ocasio-Cortez.

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