‘Devices’ Discovered Near White House [REPORT]

“Devices” were just discovered near the White House. This is a bombshell report and the story continues to develop — but the investigation could result in a major showdown.

In today’s technologically-forward environment, you never know who could be listening and gathering information. Israel, our strongest Middle-Eastern ally, is being accused of setting up surveillance at the White House.

The devices are known as “StingRay phone trackers” and were allegedly used to capture “information from phones used by President Trump or top White House aides,” according to reports on testimony from U.S. intelligence.

Israel is outright denying the allegations. Elad Strohmayer, a spokesman for Israel’s U.S. embassy, said, “These allegations are absolute nonsense. Israel doesn’t conduct espionage operations in the United States, period.”

President Trump has not commented on the controversy yet — presumably because he’s working behind the scenes to sort fact from fiction first. He also has a strong friendship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Until more information surfaces, the matter remains in a gray area of speculation. The U.S. investigators who disclosed their findings have not been named, nor has the FBI publicly addressed the issue.

Read the full story here.

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