DEVELOPING: Mass Shooting Reported – Donald Trump Is…

A mass shooting was just reported. President Trump is ready to go to war against the perpetrators of this abhorrent act and others carried out by the Mexican drug cartels. He isn’t playing around.

Members of the Gulf Cartel launched an attack against a farming family named Oliveras; the cartel is reportedly targeting farmers all across the region. This is exactly why Trump wants to designation cartels as terrorist organizations.

In this particular instance, the cartel ended up killing one child and two adults as the Oliveras family was traveling from a confirmation celebration. Three teenage girls and an elderly man were also injured.

The bloodshed was minimized due to quick response from law enforcement after the family called for help, however, this attack is just one of many that have occurred as rooting out the cartels from their source hasn’t been a priority.

In fact, Trump has been met with resistance from the Mexican government over his plan to designate as many cartels as possible as Foreign Terrorist Organizations, also known as FTOs.

But especially when this violence spills over the border, he has no choice but to play hardball with Mexico. The human rights abuses — from human and drug trafficking to cold-blooded murder — must be put to a swift end.

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