Developing: Hispanic Poll Released… Media FREAKING OUT

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is enjoying popularity in the state, with Hispanic voters being one of his strongest demographics.

82 percent of Hispanic voters approve of DeSantis’s job performance, which is even higher than his approval from whites in the state. Even a healthy majority of Democrats, 56 percent, approve of how he’s doing his job in Florida.

DeSantis has outlawed sanctuary cities in Florida and supports mandatory e-Verify in the state to prevent illegal immigrants from taking Floridian jobs.

While not technically a border state, Florida has had periodic influxes of illegal immigrants into the state across the ocean from countries like Cuba, which is less than 100 miles away by water.

74 percent of Hispanic voters support e-Verify. DeSantis said last week that the program was “the best way to help deter illegal immigration.”

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