DEVELOPING: Female College Student EXPOSES Bloomberg – He’s Finished


A female college student exposed Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg with a simple statement that opened Bloomberg’s elitism up for all to see.

Laurabeth Bland, a student at the University of Georgia, wrote an open letter to Mike Bloomberg in response to his comments on farmers.

In the letter, she said, “I challenge you to go work with a farmer one day. Get a little mud on your boots, sweat on your brow, and then tell me again how simple it is to feed the world.”

Bland appeared on Fox News and said she was “surprised” to hear a statement like that.

Bloomberg comments drew criticism and rightly so. American agriculture is both a complex and vitally important part of the nation.

Bloomberg’s complete lack of understanding raises questions about his grasp on other vital areas of our nation. If he wants to lead our country, he should have, at the bare minimum, some understanding of the nation.

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