DEVELOPING: DOJ Resignation Alert – Media Shocked


Following media and Democrat noise about Attorney General William Barr’s decision to reduce the sentencing recommendation for Trump associate Roger Stone on seven counts of obstruction, witness tampering, and making false statements to Congress, former DOJ public affairs deputy director Ian Prior said that no one at the Justice Department is taking calls for Barr to resign seriously.

Reports that 1,100 former DOJ employees had signed a letter demanding Barr resign are just “faux outrage,” Prior said, noting that even 2,000 signatures would only represent .001 percent of all former DOJ employees currently living.

“It’s really just ex-Obama officials funded by liberal donors that are trying to resist the Trump administration with litigation and statements like that,” he added.

As Prior said, the furor over Barr’s actions is just the next step in an ongoing strategy to accuse Trump of wrongdoing, and Barr by association.

In reality, Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media are just upset that one of only a few convictions to come out of the lengthy and ultimately unsuccessful Mueller investigation may now be reversed because the evidence shows what Trump and Republicans have been saying all along–the deep state and the left are biased and are using shady means to try to bring Trump and anyone associated with him down.

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