Developing: Dianne Feinstein QUITS – Trump is Smiling

Longtime Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) just quit pretending to care about the law. She has been exposed for putting party before country — and President Trump is pleased that the truth has come out.

In a letter to Attorney General William Barr, Feinstein and a group of fellow Democrats have accused Barr of a conflict of interest and have demanded that he “recuse himself from matters related to Ukraine.”

Feinstein tweeted that their request is “because of concerns about his role in President Trump’s efforts to damage a political opponent and undermine the Russia investigation.”

The politically motivated letter specifically noted that Democrats want Barr to recuse himself from “any investigations” involving figures like Rudy Guiliani and “investigations into the origins of the Russia investigation.”

Simply put, Barr is under no obligation to recuse himself here. Feinstein is worried that Barr is going to find out the truth — specifically about how the anti-Trump witch-hunt started under the Obama Administration.

This is why she’s attempting to stop Barr from investigating any further. But this is nothing more than the last gasp of a corrupt system and political party. Democrats should be terrified.

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