Devastating Video Footage Released… It Was McConnell

Devastating video footage was just released to the public. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has exposed the entire Democratic Party, and they are furious. This is going destroy the Democrats in 2020.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, McConnell skewered Democrats for their hypocrisy on the Green New Deal. The clip shows key Democrats expressing strong support for the deal and then voting ‘present’ after McConnell brought it to the floor.

At a recent rally, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) led a chant in support of the Marxist, hair-brained policy. “What do we want?” he asked. The crowd answered, “Green New Deal!” To which he responded, “And when do we want it?” They answered, “Now!”

Merkley — who should be called ‘Malarkey’ from now on — voted ‘present’ on the proposal. He joined other hypocrites like U.S. Senators Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Chuck Schumer, most of whom are presidential candidates.

Booker said that “our planet is in peril, and we need to be bold.” Sanders was asked on The View if the deal goes too far, and he said, “No, you can’t go too far on the issue of climate change.” Warren declared she’s “all in” on the Green New Deal. They all voted ‘present.’

McConnell bringing this catastrophic deal to the Senate floor was a brilliant move, because it tested the political courage of Democrats to back up their rhetoric with action. They utterly failed the test, proving their own cowardice once again.

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