Breaking: Devastating news for George Soros… This is it

It must not be very fun for George Soros now that people are on to his game. The Hungarian-born Soros has done an incredible job of turning his own countrymen against him and making an enemy of Hungary’s President Orban.

Orban is so fed up with Soros that at a recent campaign rally, he accused the hedge-fund billionaire of running a secret empire aimed at destroying Hungary. Who could blame Orban for telling the truth? Not me.

Soros better be careful. He is already despised by American and Western European conservatives for his constant meddling in political affairs that don’t concern him. Now a huge portion of Eastern Europe is turning against him too. (Read More…)

Barron Trump’s school attacks Donald Trump’s position on gun control

This story isn’t surprising, but it really shows you just how terrible liberals can be. At Barron Trump’s school in Maryland, his father’s gun control position was openly condemned by the administration and faculty.

A group of “educators” drafted a letter that denounced Trump’s plan to allow some teachers to be armed in classrooms while calling for a “robust system of registration and background checks.” Of course, they wouldn’t know that such a system already exists, and it hasn’t prevented gun violence.

What prevents gun violence is law enforcement doing its job, and good people willing to stand up against evil people who want to do others harm. Instead, those on the Left want more laws and regulation — which will only burden law-abiding gun owners. (Read More…)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, oldest member of the Court, just turned 85

She refuses to resign. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the oldest Justice on the Supreme Court, and she’s written some of the most politically divisive opinions in the history of the institution. Take, for instance, her terrifying defense of partial-birth abortion.

But even after years of assaults on the constitution, and writing dozens of opinions that fly in the face of history, democracy, and justice, Ginsburg continues on. She’s actually said that she refuses to resign while President Trump is in office. Rumor is that Justice Kennedy may soon resign, which will give the liberals on the Court more to worry about.

I hope the rumor is true because I’m sick of Democrats using the Court to push through their policies. (Read More…)

Trump administration imposes sanctions on Russians indicted by Mueller

I wonder how Democrats will square this with their Trump-Russia collusion narrative. President Trump looks to be fed up with Putin’s nefarious acts and unwillingness to take responsibility for them. So he’s sanctioned the Russian nationals and entities indicted in Robert Mueller’s investigation.

This was inevitable given Putin’s constant provocations, and the tensions building up between Russia and the West. Russia needs to dial it back before things start to get out of control. Trump may have extended an olive branch to them initially, but he’s been harsh in response to their provocations. Putin better think twice before acting. (Read More…)

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