Devastating News For Ivanka Trump – This Is So Sad

Former talk show host Rosie O’Donnell attacked President Donald Trump and his family yet again during a Wednesday radio interview, making unfounded and nasty accusations about the relationship between Trump and his daughter Ivanka, according to the Daily Mail.

“There’s a creepy incest feel that is very prevalent amongst Donald Trump and his children, at least his daughter [Ivanka],” O’Donnell said to Michelangelo Signorile on Sirius XM. “I think he’s been doing bad things with her for a very long time.”

O’Donnell also attacked Ivanka Trump’s ability to advise the president and act as a public servant. “I think she’s like, a talentless, non-intelligent, non-powerful woman,” she opined.

Trump and O’Donnell have been feuding since 2006, and O’Donnell has been a vocal critic of Trump since his candidacy in 2015. Trump has responded to O’Donnell’s attacks by calling her “fat” and a “loser.”

With her hurling such vicious accusations against him and his family, his response probably shows a great deal of restraint. It’s actually sad that she feels the need to attack Trump in this nasty way.

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