Devastating News About Bill Barr – This Is Sad

Devastating news was just released about Attorney General William Barr. Democrats are cheering, and President Trump is rightly furious. This is sad.

Senator Kamala Harris of California — who has spent months campaigning for president — has called for Barr to testify “under oath” about whether Trump asked him to investigate Joe Biden.

Of course, she did not mention the former vice president by name, but his implication was clear. She must be angling for a vice presidential spot of her own, since her numbers have dropped and Biden is still in the game.

She tweeted, “I asked Attorney General Barr in May: did the White House ever ask him to investigate anyone? He wouldn’t answer. Barr needs to come back to Congress and answer that question again. Under oath.”

But this is none of Harris’ business. Barr isn’t obligated to meet Harris’ demands, nor does she have any right to know about the conversations between him and Trump.

However, no one should be surprised if Democrats decide to subpoena Barr. It is about all they have left — and they are going to use every parlor trick in the book to keep a false narrative going.

Read the full story here.

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