Sick details revealed about powerful Democrat’s sex attack

Another alleged victim of Rep. John Conyers has come forward this week to share her terrible experiences with the Congressman. Deanna Maher, who worked for Conyers between 1997 and 2005, says he made at least three unwanted sexual advances toward her. The case against Conyers continues to gain momentum.

In just one example of his misconduct, in 1998, Conyers groped Maher while driving to the airport. He was so distracted by his pawing that he was pulled over by the police for unsafe driving.

How is this man still in Congress? (Read More…)

An armed citizen stopped a mass shooting. The media refuses to cover the story.

This story is the reason why conservative news sites are absolutely necessary today. How often do we hear that Second Amendment defenders are “gun nuts,” and that good firearm owners can’t stop murderous criminals? Too often.

We see that’s all untrue when people like the two workers at the Schlenker Automotive store in Rockledge, Florida, prove it. When Robert Lorenzo Bailey, Jr. entered the store and began to fire his weapon, those two men, one the store manager and the other an employee, fired right back at him. Bailey sustained severe wounds, effectively derailing his plans.

Police say Bailey had multiple magazines on his person, and they believe he planned to kill as many people as possible. Thankfully, the two good guys with guns stopped him. (Read More…)

Roy Moore pulls ahead in the Alabama Senate race

Whatever Roy Moore is doing down in Alabama, it’s clearly working. Multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and fairly compelling evidence to support those allegations seem to have no effect on Moore’s campaign. Just a few days back, a Sky Research poll had Moore up about seven points above his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones. Another poll released by Change Research has Moore at least five points above Jones.

No one knows what will happen on election day. As we learned in 2016, polls aren’t necessarily predictive of the final outcome of an election. If Moore keeps up this lead though, Trump might have to start calling him ‘Teflon Roy.’ (Read More…)

Descendant of Pocahontas defends Donald Trump, destroys the media narrative

President Trump’s nicknames for his opponents are so effective because they have a cutting bit of truth to them that few could deny. Hillary is indeed ‘crooked’ and Jeb was ‘low energy.’ Marco Rubio is pretty short too. When he called Sen. Elizabeth Warran ‘Pocahontas,’ however, he clearly struck a nerve.

Warren was accused of claiming Native American lineage in order to secure a seat on the Harvard Law School faculty. We’ve heard so often that Trump’s comments are racist and offense, and we generally tend to roll our eyes. But was this actually offensive?

An actual descendent of the Native American icon came forward recently to say that the nickname is absolutely not offensive and that Pocahontas would think President Trump is a ‘hero.’ So much for the left-leaning media spin on this one. (Read More…)

People really noticed the difference between Melania and Michelle’s Christmas

Yesterday liberals were upset about the First Lady wearing a coat in the White House, today they’re all twisted up about the Christmas decor. It’s got to be tough being so angry all the time. Much of the upset focuses on the Trump family’s unabashed pro-Christmas and pro-tradition style, which is in stark contrast to the Obama family’s more politically correct style.

Melania’s chosen decor is based on the concept of “Time-Honored Traditions” that the First Lady chose herself. By all accounts, the White House looks beautiful, but you can’t please everyone. Some of the more unhinged critics said that the white, tree-lined walkway Melania had erected was reminiscent of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “The Shining.”

You won’t, however, hear any complaints here. Check out the photos from the White House, they’re really worth a look! (Read More…)

Trump mocks Pelosi and Schumer with ‘empty chair’ press conference

President Trump really is a master of manipulating the media. He tweeted yesterday that he didn’t ‘see a deal’ being likely with regard to a government shutdown. That tweet prompted “Chuck and Nancy” to cancel their meeting this morning with the President.

In characteristic fashion, Trump held the meeting with two empty chairs, mocking the Democrat leaders for not showing. He said he ‘wasn’t surprised’ and that the duo are ‘weak on crime’ and ‘immigration.’ The whole spectacle was entertaining and proved a point — they don’t want to make deals like he does.

Go get em’, Donald. (Read More…)

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