Denzel Washington Tells Harsh Truth About Young Black Men

Denzel Washington is the rare sort of person that is as honest as he is talented. In a recent interview with the New York Daily News about his new movie, Roman J. Israel, Esq. he dropped a few truth bombs. Crime, says Denzel, ‘starts at home.’ Young black men, he says, need father figures.

We all know that a strong family with a mom and dad at home creates better-behaved children and more successful adults. The data bears this out.

Destructive behaviors don’t just result from poverty or other forces — they are due to a moral breakdown. Parents help prevent that breakdown. Thank you, Denzel, for having the courage to say what needs to be said. (Read More…)

Nancy Pelosi caught on video defending sex predator Bill Clinton in 1998

The Democrats are crumbling under the weight of their own ridiculous rhetoric. A video has resurfaced featuring Nancy Pelosi saying that former President Bill Clinton shouldn’t be subject to an investigation by a special prosecutor. When Bill used his power to intimidate women into performing sexual acts, that was just a ‘private’ matter, according to Pelosi.

Yet according to most Democrats, including Pelosi, President Trump should be subject to investigation by a special prosecutor, because…Russia?

So much for the Democratic Party being the champions of women and the oppressed. How much hypocrisy can Americans handle before they start seeing through the lies? (Read More…)

Report: Russian hackers attacked powerful U.S. officials, FBI said nothing

Who is the FBI working for? Are they working at all?  There was Muller’s incompetence with the Uranium One scandal in 2010, Comey’s political grandstanding while failing to investigate Hillary, and now this.

Apparently, the FBI failed to warn ‘scores of U.S. officials’ that Russian hackers were attempting to break into their personal Gmail accounts. Here’s the kicker: the FBI knew about the hacking attempts for over a year. It’s little wonder Hillary’s bathroom email server wasn’t investigated by Comey. How can the FBI hold her responsible for breaking every security protocol in the book if they’re not even following them?

Americans truly value the sacrifice and efforts of our intelligence services. At the same time, we need to hold them to a higher standard. Please, FBI, get your act together. (Read More…)

Roy Moore’s opponent Doug Jones defended man with ties to KKK

This year’s Senate race in Alabama is a unique one. Republican Roy Moore has been accused of some serious sexual misconduct with young women, and the media have excoriated him for the better part of a month. Now, we’re learning his opposition, Doug Jones, may not have the cleanest hands either.

In 1987, Jones, in his capacity as an attorney, defended Tom Posey, an activist and KKK hanger-on, in a criminal case. Jones has been running on his supposed record as a civil rights champion.

Attorneys occasionally have to represent clients they may not like — that’s part of the job. Most attorneys, however, don’t position themselves as a champion of civil rights. This is where Jones, like so many other Democrats, might not live up to his own brand. (Read More…)

Tomi Lahren attacked over Kaepernick tweet

Tomi Lahren doesn’t shy away from contentious ideas, and she isn’t a fan of people who disrespect the flag. Lahren recently posted a tweet with a picture of Colin Kaepernick kneeling superimposed on a photo taken on a boat during the D-Day invasion. The historic picture is iconic, reminding us of the courage of American servicemen who sacrificed life and limb to defend liberty, all under the American flag. Kaepernick disrespects that legacy with his anti-American antics.

Lahren came under fire for the post, but she also received plenty of support. She posted the picture on Thanksgiving while Kaepernick celebrated an ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ in California (where else?). Tomi Lahren might be a “flame thrower,” but at least she’s not an ungrateful clown like Kaepernick. (Read More…)

Israel vows to destroy Iranian weapons in Golan Heights, tensions rise

It’s been quite a few years since Israel has engaged in any serious hostilities with nearby aggressors. This temporary peace seems unlikely to last for much longer according to some recent reports.

Israel has vowed to destroy Iranian-backed positions around the Golan Heights area that they’ve secured as a buffer zone in recent years. Bashar Al Assad, who for ethnic and political reasons was closely tied with the Iranians, was a possible impediment to their buffer zone. As the Assad regime has become incredibly weak due to the Syrian conflict, Israel may be seeing an opportune time to strike.

War is never a happy prospect, but few can blame Israel for wanting to keep their country and its people safe. (Read More…)

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