BREAKING: New Count Reveals Trump Was RIGHT – Democrats Terrified…

Breitbart’s calling it a “stunning change of fortune.” Much of the rest of us are just calling it “what goes around, comes around.”

Donald Trump officially has a higher favorability rating that Joseph Biden. Fifty-one percent of America has a favorable view of Donald Trump, compared to just 46% when talking about Joe Biden.

The same ratio is true on the flip side: 52% of American view Biden unfavorably, compared to 47% for Trump.

There are many problems that Americans are having with Biden right now. He’s really old, for starters. Like maybe too old to still be judged competent by the end of his term. But the big one is the fact that he’s RUINING AMERICA. That’s got quite a few of us fussy at him as well.

In case a liberal tries to tell you that one study does not a conclusion make, this is happening across multiple studies. The data above was from a Rasmussen poll, but a poll from RealClearPolitics produces the same result.

As of Friday, President Biden’s favorable rating stood at 42 percent, while his unfavorable rating stood at 52.6 percent. That gives him a net rating of -10.6 percent.

Notably, Biden’s unfavorability is higher than Trump’s, as the former president’s unfavorable rating stood at 51.7 percent, compared to 41.8 percent who view him favorably. That gives him a net rating of -9.9 percent.

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