BREAKING: Donald Trump Phone Record Has Democrats FURIOUS – It’s Not What They Hoped…

Now that the “seven-hour gap” hoax has almost completely died down, let’s take a look at which people lied to you about the situation.

For some reason, some thought that the “seven-hour gap” was a smoking gun, proving that Trump was up to something evil.

It later emerged that the gap was simply ordinary phone usage by the administration, likely a result of using landlines and cell phones.

Still, many media personalities jumped at the opportunity to remind you that you’re a bigot for supporting Trump with literally zero evidence.

Bob Woodward asked, “Who was he talking to, what was he doing?”

Well Bob, even CNN knows that he was doing completely normal and reasonable things.

Stephen Colbert does not agree with CNN, though. He asserted that “There seems to be a poorly executed cover-up going on here.”

Yes, Stephen, there IS a poorly executed cover-up going on. By you and the rest of the liberal media.

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