BREAKING: Shock Voice Admits Democrats Are FINISHED – Defeat Is Certain…

At least one liberal knows what’s coming for him.

Bill Maher recently announced to the world that the party he supports is “going to get their ass kicked in November.”

Yeah, no kidding.

We’ve been warning you guys for a while. If you didn’t start to take REAL Americans into account when making decisions, you weren’t going to be the people making decisions for long.

You’ve run the country straight into the ground since Biden took office, and it’s time to change things.

Even some liberals know that.

It’s simply common sense, and if you don’t have it, liberals won’t welcome you.

Maher is finding that out the hard way.

“Five years ago, no one was talking about abolishing the police. There was no talk about pregnant men. I mean, looting was still illegal. So, like have I changed? No, because if someone had said 20 years ago ‘I’m not sure looting is a bad thing,’ I would’ve opposed it then. So, I haven’t changed.”

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