BREAKING: Election Fraud Bombshell Exposes Democrats – They’re Finished

The CEO of Stacy Abrams’ New Georgia Project summed it up pretty well: “If there isn’t a way for use to repeat what happened in November 2020, we’re f—ed.”

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like things will be allowed to happen the same way in 2022, as more than 400 bills with election integrity provisions have already been introduced.

More are still waiting to be passed in states like California, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Biden’s response has been a push to federalize local elections, putting the power in Washington D.C. instead of with the people in the area the elections are taking place.

Government wanting MORE power is always a good sign, right? I mean, they would never use that power to implement ideas that are good for them but bad for us, right guys?


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19 Responses

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    1. Listen hillbilly speak correctly. Its propaganda and they are still there and they have. Go back and get a proper education fool

  7. They are finished in the minds and voters of a majority of the American people. The scenario that the Biden Admin has caused is totally unacceptable to a majority of the United States. Only in DC and Ca are the voters still totally biased.

    1. The majority of voters in the US want FAIR N HONEST elections n we are disgusted with the manipulation, fraud n corruption from the Dems…there are no moderate Dems anymore n the left wing radicals want to destroy all that America stands for…I am happy n relieved to hear that a majority of the states have voter reforms BECAUSE AS HONEST HARD WORKING AMERICAN CITIZENS we cannot put up with STOLEN ELECTIONS in the future…JOE BIDEN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT.,,

      1. Dems are fighting with all that they have to prevent laws that will help to insure fair and honest elections because it would mean a big loss for them. They know that they have done so much damage to America that the only way that they can win again is with the same corrupt cheating that they did in 2020. A fair and honest election is their worst nightmare.

  8. Everyone knows that the election was a fraud – what’s stopping the true election outcome ??? Are politicians covering it up ??? You voted for them – they are for the American people – then act !!!

    1. Our votes mean nothing today, when they can be deleted or switched to another party by corrupt people The ruling dictatorship today is most definitely NOT for the people, but for their own greed, just how are we supposed to do anything about this corruption that has infiltrated every aspect of our government and the very leaders who swore to protect us are the ones who wish to destroy us?

  9. American will fail badly if they expect laws to stop the Democrats. The Democrats operate like Stalin and Hitler did. They are Evil to their core in my opinion. I believe America will fall withing 25 years if not sooner if we can not have honest elections and the News Media is not outed.

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