Top Democrat’s Horrific Crimes Revealed.

On Thursday, Harvey Weinstein, a famous Hollywood producer and mega-donor to the Democratic Party, was accused of sexually harassing actresses, secretaries, and staff members for decades. The details are disturbing.

Weinstein has allegedly been forced to pay off at least eight women in settlements since 1990. He purportedly used his power and prestige as a top Hollywood executive, capable of making or breaking careers, to harass young women. Groping, naked massages, and seedy hotel rooms were apparently his vices of choice.

Some of his accusers include actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan. While Weinstein denies the reports, he has since stepped down as a producer and decided to win back media favor by campaigning against President Trump and the NRA. Good luck with getting anyone to listen to you Harvey — we all know how big of a slimeball you are. (Read More…)

Famous Celebrity Found Dead.

On Friday, Ralphie May, famous comedian, died of cardiac arrest in his Las Vegas home at only 45 years old.

May’s stand-up career got its start after he finished second on “Last Comic Standing” in 2003. Since then, he’s toured the country nearly non-stop. Rolling Stone reported that he was “known for his distinct delivery and out-sized personality and stage presence.” He also filmed comedy specials for Netflix, including Imperfectly Yours and Unruly.

May was loved by all and the comedy world has poured out its condolences on social media. Ralphie, you’ll be missed. (Read More…)

Emergency Declared in U.S. City.

Hurricane Nate is barreling through the Gulf of Mexico and expected to make landfall near the vulnerable city of New Orleans, prompting Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards to mobilize the National Guard. In the city proper, the mayor has established a 6:00pm curfew for residents.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and parts of Florida have also declared states of emergency ahead of the storm’s landfall. Nate is expected to make landfall as a Category 2 storm. Damaging winds, rain and isolated tornadoes are expected to affect a large portion of the Central Gulf states and the Deep South.

More than 1000 National Guardsmen have been deployed to monitor New Orleans’s drainage pumps after vulnerabilities were discovered in the system following late summer floods. The New Orleans Sewage and Water Board has hastened to make repairs to 18 larger pumps that remain inoperable from failing turbines, and the coming storm promises to stress an already vulnerable system. People in the affected area are encouraged to heed warnings from public officials and comply with evacuation orders. (Read More…)

Health Announcement About Fox News Star.

Syndicated columnist and Fox News “Special Report” regular, Charles Krauthammer has been missing from the program since undergoing a pre-planned surgery in August. Fox News anchor Bret Baier reported on Krauthammer’s status, saying Krauthammer is “still in the hospital, making slow, steady progress” after post-surgery complications.

On Thursday, Baier gave another update on Krauthammer saying, “As I said on the show a few weeks ago, Charles had a pre-planned surgery….He expected a speedy recovery but ran into some complications post-surgery, so he’s still in the hospital making slow, steady progress and recovery.”

We want to wish Dr. Krauthammer a speedy recovery. (Read More…)

Pelosi Caught on Camera Acting Weirdly – Some Are Worried.

During a town hall discussion focused on gun control following the Las Vegas mass shooting, Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi struggled to form a single coherent sentence, often staring blankly at the audience and motioning wildly while attempting to construct a complete statement.

Pelosi recently stated to an interviewer that “It’s hard” for her to say “President Trump.” After witnessing Pelosi’s conduct during several recent public appearances, it appears that Pelosi finds it difficult to form words of any kind. It is time for her to step down. (Watch Here…)

Las Vegas Police Make “Mystery” Person Announcement.

This weekend, investigators announced that they are looking for a “mystery woman” seen with shooter Stephen Paddock days before last Sunday’s Las Vegas shooting.

Police officials believe that this woman knew of Paddock’s plan. Could she have the answers that would shed some light on what the motive for this gruesome attack was? ISIS continues to claim that Paddock was a “soldier” of their organization. While many American police officials were quick to rule this out, some counter-terrorism experts have warned that it may be too early to discount a terror connection.

ISIS very active in the Philippines — where Paddock wired $100,000. It has also been discovered that he took a cruise in the Middle East within the last year. Let’s hope that authorities  find this “mystery woman” and can get the answers that they need to avoid future attacks like this one. (Watch Here…)

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