Democrat Senator Confesses – Criminal Charges

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) admitted in a series of tweets that he escorted a pregnant migrant girl across the border from Mexico to the U.S., which is a clear violation of the law, Sarah Palin’s website reported. Wyden could face criminal charges for trafficking for his actions, but of course, he won’t.

Wyden said in tweets that he went to Juarez, Mexico to visit a shelter where asylum seekers wait for their hearings. “While across the border, I met a young woman who was seeking refuge in the U.S., who was more than 8 months pregnant,” he added.

Wyden said that she had tried to cross the border several times but was stopped until he told border patrol agents that she was with him. When she was taken to a U.S. hospital for care, the doctors said she had potentially life-threatening complications.

“It shouldn’t have to take being escorted by a U.S. Senator to get asylum seekers and migrants to safety in the United States. After my time in Juarez, I’m reflecting on the hundreds — perhaps thousands — of women just like her who are unable to get the medical care they need,” the senator concluded.

Yahoo News called Wyden a hero for his actions, but many Twitter users pointed out that the senator had broken the law by bringing the girl into the U.S. Some even called Wyden a criminal for bringing the girl illegally into the U.S.

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