Famous Liberal Caught in Sexual Harassment Scandal

Hollywood producer and Democratic Party mega-donor Harvey Weinstein is facing multiple sexual harassment allegations.

According to some reports, Weinstein has been paying off victims to cover up harassment claims for decades.  While he has yet to be proven guilty in a court of law, the accusations against Weinstein are numerous and credible. Weinstein is fighting back by suing the New York Times for libel.

Weinstein may be done as a producer. If half of the accusations are true, he’s a disgusting pervert and his public humiliation is well-deserved. (Read More…)

Top Democrat Caught in Scandal Over Vegas Shooting.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT.) used the Las Vegas massacre to get donations for his re-election fund in an email fundraising message he sent in the days following the shootings. If there is a more disgusting example of using a national tragedy for political gain, I haven’t seen it.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your beliefs, but trying to use a horrific mass shooting to raise money for your re-election campaign is unforgivable. This man is vile and his actions prove it. (Read More…)

Rubio Obliterates Michelle Obama for Her “White” Man Comments.

After Michelle Obama made disparaging remarks about the GOP being “all men, all white” at Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Sen. Rubio tweeted out a picture of himself, Nikki Haley, and Tim Scott — all Republicans of color. His simple caption: “Probably a good time to use ‘Let me rephrase that.’”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been causing quite a stir lately with her sexist and racist comments aimed at conservatives. Obama’s words were meant to show that the Democratic Party is a multi-cultural, multi-racial Nirvana, whereas the Republican Party is a haven for racist white men. But not only is this sweeping generalization false — Mrs. Obama’s ugly words are also the embodiment of the Democratic Party’s ongoing attempts to demonize white people, including white women.

It is 2017 and America’s former First Lady is race-baiting. This is as disappointing as it is ridiculous. (Read More…)

Former FBI Official Reveals Solution For Mass Shootings.

During an interview on The Laura Ingraham Show on Thursday, former FBI agent Clint Van Zandt suggested that “instead of gun control, we need self-control” to bring mass shootings like Sunday’s Las Vegas massacre to an end.

I agree wholeheartedly. For example, in September 1994, Congress passed a 10-year ban on so-called “assault rifles” and magazines having greater than a 10-round capacity. It was allowed to expire after the FBI reported that it had no effect on crime. You can’t legislate morals or sanity.

Passing an ineffective law helps politicians feel good and is relatively easy. Changing the mindset of a nation? That’s much more difficult. (Read More…)

Rape Victim Asks Pelosi 1 Simple Question.

In a town hall meeting on Wednesday, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi took a question about gun control from a rape survivor in the audience. After explaining the circumstances of her rape, the woman asked: “How does rendering me defenseless protect anyone else from a violent crime?”

Pelosi unsurprisingly proceeded to dodge the question. It’s as if Democrats believe that yelling, “Stranger Danger!” is the panacea for violent crime. Of course, Pelosi never answered the woman’s question. Shameful. (Watch Here…)

Tomi Lahren Reveals the Truth About Guns.

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren recently explained to Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity how gun-free zones across America endanger law-abiding citizens. “They’re going to find a way,” Lahren said of the deranged individuals who all too often commit mass murders in this country.

Unfortunately, she’s right. Criminals don’t abide by laws, hence, the term criminal. Gun-free zones only force honest citizens to leave their guns at home, leaving them defenseless in the event of a tragedy. (Watch Here…)

Republican Lawmaker Resigns.

GOP Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) will resign this month in light of reports that he urged a mistress to have an abortion and mistreated his staff.

Murphy had planned to serve the remainder of his term. Once his full hypocrisy was revealed, he realized it was time to go home. Murphy will resign effective October 21. Good riddance. (Read More…)

Nancy Pelosi Gets Horrible News – Bye?

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (D-CA) said in an interview on Thursday that she believes that Nancy Pelosi should step down as the head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

What a coincidence! So do I. Pelosi is a corrupt liar and manipulator. She was also one of the main proponents of Obamacare. Who can forget her famous statement: “We have to pass the [Obamacare] bill so that you can find out what is in it!”

It’s time to clean house — starting with her. (Read More…)

Vegas Shooter’s Real Plan Revealed.

New reports reveal that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock booked several hotel rooms in the weeks leading up to the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival – and every one of them was overlooking a major concert venue. If there was any doubt, it’s gone now; Paddock had premeditated intent.

The shooter rented rooms at Chicago’s Blackstone Hotel overlooking the Lollapalooza music festival in Grant Park in August. He never showed up or checked in. Las Vegas’ “Life is Beautiful” festival, in late September, may also have been a possible target.

Paddock murdered 58 innocent citizens and injured over 500 more. It is horrifying to consider that this could have been one of multiple events. (Read More…)

Massive U.S. State Becomes “Sanctuary State.”

A new California law forbids state law enforcement from enforcing federal immigration laws — effectively creating a “sanctuary state.” The bill was passed by Democrats in the state Senate and signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

California’s leaders are sending the message that the rule of law isn’t important. California’s citizens are the ones who will pay the price. (Read More…)

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