Powerful Democrat Forced to Resign

Another one bites the dust. Stephen Bittle, the Florida Democratic Party Chairman, resigned last week after sex harassment accusations were leveled against him by several state party employees.

Apparently, Biddle was a serial sexual harasser, who made a habit of leering and making inappropriate comments and advances. Things were so bad that female personnel had an informal pact to never be caught alone with Biddle.

Unlike Sen. Franken or many of the other politicians who have been accused of similar behavior, Bittle at least had the good sense to resign. Now it’s time for the others to follow suit. (Read More…)

Bill Clinton still silent on ‘Lolita Express,’ underage girls

Bill Clinton hasn’t said a word about his association with Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire, Democratic donor, and pedophile. Clinton and Epstein were frequently together on Epstein’s plane, known as the “Lolita Express.” The ‘Express’ was the scene of debauched parties and may have even been used for sex trafficking. It even had a bed on board where young women would be assaulted and possibly raped.

Of course, as of yet, there isn’t any hard evidence that Bill took part in anything illegal. Which may be why he’s so silent on the issue. Bill Clinton understands better than anyone else that silence is better than self-incrimination. (Read More…)

Laura Ingraham calls for term limits for Congress

Laura Ingraham doesn’t mince words. She knows that when a swamp needs to be drained, sometimes drastic measures are required.

On this Tuesday’s “The Ingraham Angle,” her Fox News show, she took Congress to task. As Ingraham put it,  Congress doesn’t adequately represent the people anymore. Self-interest is the rule, not the exception in Washington. Sadly, that problem is too frequent in America today, even outside of politics. But in DC, something can be done about it.

As Ingraham suggests: enact some term limits! That way, special interests and power can’t become too entrenched, and politicians will be more accountable to their constituents. (Read More…)

3 missing after Navy plane crashes in Philippine Sea

The Navy can’t catch a break. This is one of five accidents this year, with a total of 17 casualties, just in the waters off the continent of Asia.

Earlier this week, a C-2 cargo plane crashed into Philippine waters not long after take off. Three sailors are missing from the incident, the cause of which looks to be engine failure. Eight remaining passengers from the plane were rescued from the crash, thankfully, and efforts are underway to find the missing sailors. Japanese and U.S. naval forces have come together to search for them.

We wish them all a safe return and hope the Navy recovers from this unhappy year. (Read More…)

Emails scandal: FBI probe tainted by Clinton money

It’s a year overdue, but there’s finally some movement on the Clinton email scandal. The Senate Judiciary Committee has received FBI investigation documents that were obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, from a Freedom of Information Act request.

So far, the 80 pages of documentation show that at least one FBI official, Andrew McCabe, the Deputy Director of the FBI, who was charged with investigating Clinton’s email servers, was compromised by hundreds of thousands of Clinton dollars that flowed to his wife’s political campaigns. McCabe did not properly recuse himself from the investigation.

McCabe only recused himself months later, long after FBI director James Comey announced that he wasn’t going to continue to investigate Hillary. That’s convenient.

The FBI’s original investigation of Hillary’s email scandal is irretrievably tainted. President Trump should demand a new one.  (Read More…)

Democrat Rep. Brady under FBI investigation for rigging election

This one is incredible. Representative Robert Brady of Pennsylvania and his campaign are suspected to have created a bribery scheme to remove his political opponent from the 2012 House of Representatives race.

An FBI investigation into campaign finance issues discovered that payments totaling $90,000 were made to Judge Jimmie Moore, Brady’s competition for office, to have him drop out of the race. Moore has even admitted to it!

Rep. Brady is still denying it, but the evidence coming in really doesn’t help his case. Keep your eye on this one, it’s really heating up. (Read More…)

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