Democrat Judge Arrested, Dragged Off To Jail…

Former Cincinnati judge Traci Hunter had to be dragged out of court by force after she was ordered to begin a six-month prison sentence that she had been appealing since 2014.

Chaos erupted in the courtroom as police held at least one woman back and Hunter went limp in an attempt not to be taken to jail, local affiliate WCPO reported.

Hunter was convicted of mishandling a confidential document by giving it to her brother. She has been free since her conviction because of numerous appeals.

She had numerous supporters and a letter from the mayor in an attempt to beat the sentence, but Judge Patrick Dinkelacker ordered her to serve her time. At least one other person was taken into custody after Hunter was removed from the courtroom.

Dinkelacker said he received 45 postcards at home asking him not to execute Hunter’s sentence, but said he would not bow to that kind of pressure.

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