Famous Democrat Caught Taking a Bribe?

He rose to lead the world’s foremost city by promising a new era of progressivism and fairness. What he’s delivered has been old-style pay-to-play corruption.

It was just discovered that a secret donor pleaded guilty to bribing a public official in New York. That official was Mayor Bill de Blasio. That’s correct, the socialist-loving mayor of New York apparently accepted a bribe. But he won’t be prosecuted for it.

Why? Because prosecutors know that they don’t have enough evidence to meet the legal standard of bribery for de Blasio. But his actions, said a retired prosecutor, were against the spirit of the law. The same prosecutor also noted that not being able to “charge [a politician] is not the standard that we should expect from our leaders.” Isn’t that the truth. (Read More…)

George Soros threatens Trump, says Trump admin will ‘disappear’ in 2020 – or ‘even sooner’

George Soros sounds quite a bit like John Kerry recently. Maybe the two of them are planning Kerry’s 2020 run. Just like how Kerry said Trump wouldn’t last past 2020, Soros is saying that he might not even make it that long.

The common thread between political elites like Kerry and billionares like Soros is that they think that they know better than the common voters. How about this: no one cares that you don’t like the outcome of a free and fair American election. You lost, and you need to deal with it. Stop trying to subvert the will of the American people. (Read More…)

Democrat Corrine Brown to report to Florida prison camp after her appeal fails

Speaking of Democrat corruption… Corrine Brown, a former U.S. Representative from Florida, is finally heading to prison. Brown ran a fraudulent scheme on a charity called One Door, stealing $800,000 in total. Pretty gross.

Brown is now 71 and she’ll be spending her sunset years in a prison camp. It’s difficult not to feel a little sympathy for someone in that position, but that’s justice. When you break the law and steal money that was supposed to go to the needy, you pay the price. (Read More…)

John McCain tried to set Donald Trump up – but it failed

This is an example of how some Never Trump Republicans went too far during the 2016 election. It’s understandable that the Never Trumpers were afraid that Trump might do damage to the party, or muddy up the waters of conservatism. Trump can be less than articulate at times, and he certainly has some concerning things in his past. But there’s one thing he’s always had going for him…he’s not Hillary Clinton.

When John McCain decided to throw Trump under the bus with the ridiculous information in the Steele Dossier, he played a key role in setting this whole absurd “collusion” investigation in motion. McCain, like some of his Never Trump counterparts in the news media, bears a large portion of the blame for the delegitimizing project of the Left. They should apologize for it. (Read More…)

Picture released of Obama posing with Louis Farrakhan in 2005

He is who we thought. A journalist named Akia Muhammad took a picture of former President Obama with Louis Farrakhan at a social gathering in 2005. For 13 years, that damning photograph of Obama was suppressed from the public eye.

Farrakhan, for those who might not know, was the head of the Nation of Islam in America. He is a racist who has called for the death of white people and an anti-semite who has praised Hitler (who he apparently forgot was white).

Obama should have known better than to pose for a picture with Farrakhan. It’s possible that Obama and Farrakhan share some similar political sentiments, much like the sentiments Obama shared with the America-hating Reverend Wright. Or maybe he just wanted to inspire a more militant part of his potential base. Either way, it demonstrates that President Obama is not the moderate that he pretends to be. (Read More…)

Report: Megyn Kelly’s attack on Jane Fonda could damage her career

There she goes again. Megyn Kelly loses even when she wins. In a recent tirade against Hanoi Jane Fonda, Kelly set the record straight after Fonda whined about a perfectly reasonable question asked during Kelly’s interview with her. But now Kelly’s response to Fonda’s complaining is coming back to bite her.

Apparently, some agents are thinking twice about booking their clients on Kelly’s show because they’re afraid Kelly could damage their careers. Whatever one thinks of Kelly, the issue with Fonda was that she was being entirely unreasonable, but that’s to be expected.

It seems that Kelly may be learning that there’s a price to pay when you alienate your entire fan base for theoretically greener pastures. Bad move, Megyn. (Read More…)

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