Breaking: Democrat arrested, hauled off to jail

On Monday pro-Dreamer protests took place in Washington DC and elsewhere throughout the country. At the Capitol, at least 80 people were arrested, including Linda Sarsour, the anti-semite adored by the Left.

Also arrested on Monday was a Democrat State Rep. Isela Blanc from Arizona, and here’s the shocker… Blanc was an illegal immigrant. That’s right, a woman in the Arizona state legislature lived in this country illegally.

Blanc’s family came here on a visa and stayed past its expiration for 10 years. How can someone so biased pretend to represent average Americans in her district? She can’t. (Read More…)

Nearly 22,000 ‘truly needy’ people died waiting for Medicaid under Obamacare

Obama is out of the White House, but his terrible legacy continues to haunt Americans. His worst policy was probably Obamacare, which promised lower prices, better care, and healthier people. Instead, it brought higher prices and worst of all, it killed needy people. How?

Well, able-bodied people received Medicaid while those who couldn’t afford healthcare languished on waiting lists to get healthcare. About 22,000 Americans died because of the system Obama set up. That’s disgusting, and he should be ashamed of his “legacy.” (Read More…)

U.S. drone strike kills key Pakistani militants – more than 20 dead

President Trump has sent a clear message to Islamic fundamentalists in his first year in office: If you threaten America you will be destroyed. Trump and his administration, (which includes “Mad Dog” Mattis) aren’t kidding around. In yet another strike, American forces have taken out at least 20 militants on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Three key figures in the Taliban were killed in the strikes. Two were Taliban leaders and one was a suicide bomber trainer. Thanks to American military and a precision drone strike, they’re out of business permanently. That’s why you don’t mess with America. (Read More…)

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban investigated for sexual assault – never charged

Mark Cuban and Donald Trump have been feuding for years. During the presidential election, Cuban threw a bunch of jabs at Trump about his inability to lead and traded shots about who was better at making money. But it looks like the Mavericks owner could be in some trouble.

A new report shows that Cuban was accused of sexual harassment back in 2011, and the claim was briefly investigated but it was never made public. According to investigators, there wasn’t enough evidence available to proceed, but the allegations made against Cuban are the same as many that have been made against politicians and entertainers.

Now that this story has made the news, who knows what it will do to Cuban’s career. Maybe he shouldn’t have thrown stones while living in that glass house. (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton to receive Radcliffe award medal at Harvard

Here’s your absurd news of the day. The liberals at Harvard convinced themselves that another liberal, who is also a criminal, deserves a supposedly prestigious award. It sounds like when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for a terrible foreign policy that only made the world less secure and peaceful.

The Radcliffe Medal is being given to Hillary because she is a “champion of human rights.” Why don’t they try to tell that to the women she attacked after they accused her husband of rape, or to the soldiers she let die in Benghazi? Champion of human rights? Hillary hasn’t heard of a right she wouldn’t violate. (Read More…)

11 people caught trying to sneak into the United States from Canada

It might be time for a northern border wall. We all know how unsecured our border with Mexico has been in the last few decades, but the truth is that some people try to enter the country through Canada as well. Just last weekend, 11 people were apprehended in Vermont after they illegally crossed the border into the United States.

Four of them were French and the remaining seven were Romanian, but all of them are probably getting deported. It’s pretty simple: come here legally, assimilate, and you can become an American. If you don’t you’ve got to go. Period. (Read More…)

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