BREAKING: Police Called In After Supreme Court Bombshell – Democracy In The Balance…

Remember, the people we’re talking about are the ones that want to be referred to as “the party of tolerance.”

Then how come they react so poorly when things don’t go their way?

Look at the way they behaved in the summer of 2020. Destroying countless cities with “mostly peaceful protests” that included fire, guns, violence, theft, looting…

Well, they’re right back at it again. The people at the Supreme Court know just how loony liberals can be, so as soon as the decision that Roe V. Wade would be overturned was leaked, the Supreme Court had to protect itself:

That’s because when the left loses, they don’t handle it very well.

They loved being able to kill unborn babies. Why the need for personal accountability in the world of sex when you can just yank the baby out anyway?

Now that killing other people is no longer an option, maybe they’ll rethink their methods.

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