BREAKING: Jen Psaki FURIOUS After Democrat Rumor Spreads – HAHAHA

Jen Psaki is really upset with liberals not names Joe Biden.

NOBODY is allowed to criticize dirty Joe. Having a difference of opinion with him isn’t freedom of speech, it’s “cannibalistic.”

That’s according to Psaki at least. The person who spends her taxpayer-funded paycheck criticizing Fox News because she has a deal to join NBC soon.

Psaki recently spoke about what the White House was doing to combat inflation while a guest of a podcast hosted by former Obama staffers.

She said that Democrats have to “do better” when talking about inflation.

By “do better,” she means a better job of protecting Joe BIden.

“Oftentimes we get a little cannibalistic about what our own plans are and whether they are good enough or whether we are passing them fast enough or what have you.”

She then quickly turned away from the White House’s failures to say she doesn’t think the GOP would do any better:

“If you look at the other side, there’s nothing in the cupboard, they have zero plan, we all agree inflation is a problem, they have no plan to address it. We could be saying that more and I think it would help.”

She concluded by saying that energy prices were the driving force behind inflation: “No shit, right? Anybody who goes and puts gas in your car, you know.”

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