Deep State CONFESSION – Bill Barr Closing In…

An operative of the Deep State just confessed on camera. What he revealed on national television before millions is terrifying — and Attorney General William Barr is closing in on the case.

Appearing on a C-SPAN panel, former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin, in response to a question about the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, said, “Thank God for the Deep State.”

He tried to play it off as a sarcastic joke, with some of the audience clapping and laughing after he said it. But the context reveals something far more worrisome — a cavalier admission by McLaughlin about the Deep State.

Here’s why: He went on to praise the so-called ‘whistleblower’ for his actions, even though it was revealed some time ago that the whistleblower is a “hearsay reporter” and, in fact, has direct ties to the Obama White House.

Ironically, McLaughlin declared that the CIA is “institutionally committed to objectivity and to telling the truth.” This was certainly the case before Obama radicalized it, and we are all having to deal with the consequences now.

It is not truthful to put forth a whistleblower who did not have firsthand knowledge of an event, but that is exactly what the Deep State has done. President Trump released the transcript of his phone call with the Ukrainian president; there is nothing impeachable in it.

See the full story here.

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