BREAKING: Joe Biden Pulls Trigger On War – Declaration Shocks World….

President Joe Biden has announced to the world that there is going to be WAR.

Joe Biden, apparently unaware of the worldwide frenzy he is about to start because of a subject he can’t keep his nose out of explained to the world that “As of this moment, I’m convinced he has made the decision.”

Biden was, of course, referring to Vladimir Putin and whether or not the Russian president will invade Ukraine.

“We believe they will target Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, a city of 2.8 million Ukrainian people,” Biden asserted. “I have reason to believe that.”

When questioned about why Biden believes such things, he would only explain that he has “reason” or “reasons” to think that, despite not revealing what they were.

He did claim that the info came from America’s “significant intelligence capability.”

However, in the same meeting, Biden seemed unclear about what he actually thought Putin was going to do.

“It’s hard to read his mind,” Biden concluded.

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