BREAKING: Death Warning To UnVaxxed Stuns Nation – This Is REAL

Elliot Tommingo, director of the Washington, DC Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs has deemed it a “necessary evil” to allow “Darwinism to kill off” unvaccinated Americans.

Tommingo’s logic was that these people are so “foolish” that they deserve to die. He accused the unvaccinated of eating horse deworming and drinking “their own piss” in an attempt to discredit them.

Currently, Tommingo’s boss, Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, requires businesses to discriminate against unvaccinated citizens, forcing them to turn away anyone over the age of twelve that doesn’t carry their vax papers with him or her.

This could be bad news for Bowser, as a large percentage of her voters are black, a demographic that’s proving to be particularly suspicious of the vaccine.

Only 43.4% of D.C.’s black residents are vaccinated, meaning that Tommingo would be fine with 56.6% of D.C.’s black residents dropping dead. 93% of the total population in D.C. is considered at least partially vaccinated, meaning that Tommingo is totally fine with COVID killing a disproportionate amount of black people compared to white people.

It’s really weird that the GOP is the party that keeps getting called racist.

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