Death threats made…

CNN has been a national embarrassment for quite some time now, but they seem to be getting worse.

Because of an interview that Drew Griffin from CNN orchestrated, a woman from Florida is now getting death threats, just for being a Trump supporter. Griffin was doing a story about how Russian troll organizations had created a pro-Trump campaign event on social media that 76-year-old Florine Goldfarb had unwittingly attended.

Griffin savaged Goldfarb, broadcasting her full name on national television. Unsurprisingly, Goldfarb was quickly targeted by “tolerant liberals” all around the country who called her a traitor, even threatened to kill her. It’s disgusting and CNN should be completely ashamed of their behavior. (Read More…)

Former Obama administration official goes after ‘high magazine clips’ on Fox News

Liberals consistently showcase their ignorance on guns, but sometimes, they really take it to the next level. You have to take a look at Marie Harf, who served as an official in the Obama administration, talking about “gun control” on a segment of Fox News’s Outnumbered from last week.

While discussing the Second Amendment and gun control laws, Harf said: “You can be a supporter of the Second Amendment and also say, ‘maybe we shouldn’t have high magazine clips,’ for example.”

Harf and most on her side of the political aisle are incredibly ignorant about firearms. If she weren’t, she would know that there’s no such thing as “high magazine clips.” She was likely talking about high capacity magazines. If they want to be taken even remotely seriously, gun control advocates need to learn about what they’d like to ban. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly is a ‘loose cannon’ and damaging the NBC brand, report says

Thanks to leakers, we’re learning more about the real Megyn Kelly, both on and off the set. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but it looks like Kelly isn’t very well liked. Iren Halperin worked for Fox News, from which Kelly departed in late 2016, as a makeup artist. Halperin was definitely not a fan of Kelly.

She said that Kelly was entirely concerned about herself and that far from being a feminist, she was anti-women. She also called Kelly rude; according to her, Kelly was so upset that she reported Halperin for being late one day because she had to take care of her three children. Is that women’s empowerment, Megyn? I don’t think so. (Read More…)

Trump finally addresses ‘bald spot’ rumors in hilarious line during speech

Donald Trump seems to be slowly coming into his own in his new and incredibly difficult role as president. Coming off his campaign, where he was consistently under attack from both the left and right, he was still on the defensive for most of his first year. With virtually every attack made against him, he hit back, because that’s his nature. But in the last few months, he’s started to take the persistent attacks more in stride.

Not just that, but he’s now even making jokes about himself, and I have to say, he can be pretty funny. At CPAC last week, while delivering a speech, Trump commented on his hair and his bald spot that he’s always trying to hide. He told the audience “Oh, boy. Oh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks. I work hard at it.” He then proceeded to turn around and show everyone his bald spot.

It was pretty endearing actually, and it shows that Trump is starting to take himself a bit less seriously. That’s not a bad thing for politicians. (Read More…)

Massive anti-George Soros protests break out in Georgian capital of Tbilisi

People are fed up with Soros, and they’re not going to take it. Here in America, Soros tries to affect policy through his campaign donations and non-profit organizations. Thankfully, in the U.S., he has conservative billionaire philanthropists to contend with who are, frankly, more effective than him.

In other countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, he poses more of a threat to their democratic processes because those countries don’t have the same conservative forces that we do here. And the citizens of those countries are taking action. In Hungary, people and the president have already openly chastised Soros for his meddling.

But now in the small country of Georgia, they’re taking to the streets. In the capital of Tbilisi, protestors marched to the building housing Soros’s Open Society Foundation and burned him in effigy. Apparently, they too are done with OSF’s advocacy for open borders and unlimited immigration. (Read More…)

Report: Obama’s library to cost taxpayers $175,000,000

About a year after leaving office, Barack Obama is now planning to build his presidential library. The library is set to be built in Chicago, where most of Obama’s early years as a politician was spent. What’s incredible about this library, however, is the enormous cost. As of right now, the estimate is at least $175 million dollars.

This doesn’t even include the massive topographical construction that is required just to be able to start construction. And the bill for this library will be footed by taxpayers. Some people in Chicago, including some professors and politicians, believe that building the library would be a bad idea for Chicago. For one, the money that is made from library visits won’t even go to the city. It shouldn’t come as a surprise; Obama was always good at wasting other people’s money. (Read More…)

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