Deadly Attack Confirmed… At Least 33 Dead

A deadly attack was just confirmed, and at least 33 people are dead. This couldn’t be more tragic — please pray for the family and friends of the victims.

The terrible incident occurred in Kyoto, Japan, where a man broke into a Japanese animation studio and reportedly set the building on fire. According to reports, he yelled “You die!” as he committed the murderous act.

In addition to the 33 who were killed, 36 more were injured. “Why on earth did such violence have to be used?” company president Hideki Hatta asked, responding with grief and disbelief.

According to reports, it was difficult for many employees to escape the building as flames began to envelop the grounds after the assailant “sprayed an unidentified liquid accelerant near the front door.”

Many on the third floor were in particular danger, and the area tragically accounted for 20 of the deaths. It is also being reported that several employees still managed to make it outside in spite of the chaos.

It isn’t often that mass killings from Japan are reported, as the nation is known for its relative peace and safety. However, sadly, it just goes to show that when someone is determined to cause death and destruction, laws likely won’t stop it from happening.

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