Dead By Suicide – Donald Trump Devastated…

Two soldiers who died while deployed at the U.S.-Mexican border in June were found to have committed suicide, according to Fox News. Both Pfc. Steven Hodges and Pfc. Kevin Christian died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds in different areas of the border in Arizona.

The soldiers were both part of the Southwest Border Support Mission, which included about 2,400 troops. It was unclear whether conditions at the border or their experiences there were factors in their mental health.

Troops have been tasked with stringing hundreds of miles of concertina wire and reinforcing points of entry in an effort to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border illegally.

With more than 150,000 migrants streaming to the border each month, reports have said that conditions are deteriorating at the border. Detention facilities are said to be at triple their maximum capacity.

Still, President Donald Trump will be devastated to hear of the troops’ deaths. Their service to their country will be missed.

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