Dead Body Found – Democrats in Shock

A federal grand jury indicted 22 members of the MS-13 gang for racketeering and murder in Los Angeles, NBC News reported.

Some of the seven murders cited were brutal, including one dismemberment and one in which the victim’s heart was cut out. Five of the seven victims named in the indictment were dumped in the Los Angeles National Forest.

“It’s an extensive organization with tentacles throughout the United States and Central America,” United States Attorney Nick Hanna said. “But this is a major step in taking out some of the most violent members.”

The case has been investigated by the FBI, Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for two years. The MS-13 Fulton clique originated in El Salvador. Other cliques come from Mexico and other Central American countries.

President Donald Trump has pointed out that many active MS-13 members are illegal immigrants. Part of his push to enforce and reform immigration laws comes from a desire to keep criminals including MS-13 members from entering the country.

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