Dead Body Discovered – Democrats Panicking…

A second U.S. serviceman has died while on duty at the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona this month, raising questions about what caused the deaths and whether they are related to the ongoing border crisis.

According to officials at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, neither one of the deaths were caused by foul play. No cause of death was given, however.

Pfc. Kevin J. Christian of Haslet, Texas and Pfc. Steven Hodges, of Menifee, California both died while deployed to patrol the border in June. Thousands of troops have been sent to the border because of the deteriorating conditions there.

An estimated 150,000 immigrants try to cross the border each month, either illegally or claiming asylum. Detention centers are holding triple their maximum capacity, and some immigrants have been sent to places away from the border to relieve crowding.

It seems like Democrats don’t want people to know how bad conditions at the border are, unless they are complaining about kids being separated and detained. It’s time for Pelosi and crew to get on board and let Trump take care of this crisis before any more soldiers die.

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